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Our Home

Our happy home was purchased in April 2007. After a new roof, refinished floors and new carpets, we finally moved in at the end of May. It's a 4 bedroom, 2 bath with living room, dining room, and kitchen with attached den. The back yard has a small lawn and patio area. My favorite are the remote controlled skylights that fully open. The house is about 1900 sqft and the lot is about 3100 sqft.

The house is in a 'U' shape (see picture below). The Left, or West Wing is where the three smaller bedrooms and bath are located (office, guest room, Anthony's room). The East Wing has the garage and master bed/bath. The central section of the house has the rest of the rooms (kitchen, living room, dining room, den). The bottom of the 'U' has a divider wall that makes for a perfect oval track for Anthony. He's done thousands of laps since his first lap (when he was crawling) representing a few hundred miles to say the least.

In the photo below if you look in the backyard you can see a lit fire. That's my grill. And since it's never open when lit, unless I'm turning the meat, that means I'm viewable in the photo (if it weren't for the edge of the tree). Thanks to Google for snaping this shot when I was most likely in the field of view. :)

Click here to take photo tour of the rest of the house as it existed (PRE MOVE IN) in 2007.

Census Data:

Our house is located in Marin County, California, USA. Below is the most recent 2010 census data for that county. As of 12/2011 Daddy is 46 and Anthony is 4. See where we fit in. Also, farther down below is the same census data for Onondaga County in New York, Daddy's home town.

Daddy's Old Home Town in NY:

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