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Daddy has owned many a car in his day. In order: Starting with a Ford '77 T-Bird 2-door with leather half top & 8-track deck (sold before the axel fell off), then a '77 Chevy Safari Station Wagon (gas tank fell out), '81 Crysler K-Car 5-speed (sold it for a buck), '66 Ford Mustang Convertible Chery red with white top (was my dad's, now sold), '84 VW Rabbit Convertible orange with black top (totalled), '87 VW Rabbit Convertible Black with Black top (totaled), '97 Pontiac Sunfire convertible black with black top (totaled). Out of all those cars I loved my Sunfire the most. It was the only car I've ever driven in major extremes. It survived being driven at 70mph at sea level on the beach weaving in and out of the ocean waves with the top down and tunes cranked. And then a couple years later was driven in Lake Tahoe during a snow storm, 2.5 feet of snow, white out, in the mountains, no snow tires or chains. At both extremes the car performed perfectly. Of course, the driver is to be commended on his awesome driving skills. ;)

Now, Daddy owns a '07 VW Eos hard top convertible. The only hard top convertible with a full functioning sun roof. I'm beginning to love this car as much as my past beauties, because it's been through all of Anthony's life and brought us two to some awesome places. And, yes, Anthony likes driving with the top down. :)

Autobot - TopSpin (named by Anthony)

VW Eos - 2.0 Turbo 200HP 6 speed Tiptronic with Sport Mode and 18" wheels

Full functioning glass sun roof...

...and full functioning hard top convertible

Tranformed... and ready to Roll Out!

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