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AmatoChronicles Anthony's Garage

Anthony has owned many a wheeled vehicle over the years. His first was a '07 FisherPrice MyFirstScooter (ran it in to the ground), then an '08 Target Special two wheeler with 18" training wheels (totaled), followed by an '09 Glide Bike (still on the road at grandpa's house).

Now, Anthony drives not one but three different vehicles depending on his mood or the terrain that needs to be crossed. His driving skills and reflexes are razor sharp as long as your willing to push him back up a hill (lazy kid). Check out his collection of "cool rides".

Lightening McQueen Super Bike complete with turbo and titanium exhaust

Classic Big Wheel (configured for stand up cruise mode)

Radio Flyer wide rider scooter (zero to 60 in 5.6 seconds)

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