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About Us tells of the ongoing exploits and adventures of Anthony and his Daddy (me). Together we scale the tallest mountains, dive the deepest seas, take on the worlds most fearsome creatures, and explore the endless universe. Our adventures are chronicled at this site in hopes that future generations can benefit from our amazing discoveries.

Anthony is a 4 year old mountaineer brought up on a steady diet of raw meat and fruit roll ups. His strength and reflexes have been honed by years of intense training and discipline, which make him formidable to anyone who opposes his tantrums. His heart and soul carry the honor and courage that strike fear in all who babysit him. He is the Alpha and the Omega of the toddler world.

Daddy is a world reknown physicist who recently discovered that it is possible to travel faster than light, which is the exact speed at which Anthony can get himself in to trouble. Daddy spends most of his time wired to a special machine that gives him almost omnipotent power over the elements. His mind becoming one with the collective consciousness of the universe. Afterwards, you might find him watching Cheers reruns or reading comic books.

Daddy is also a big time phone geek. So, if you have a Blackberry and want to contact him via BBM just send your PIN to the email address below. :)

About This Web Site - Some Quick FAQs

The menu on the left hand side of the page is the main menu and will always be displayed. Links include other areas of this site as well as direct access links to the social networking sites that both Anthony and Daddy belong. Newly added posts or photos will show up at the very top of the menu and will stay there for a few days as notice.

The menu on the right hand side of the page shows links to the activities that Anthony and Daddy enjoy each week (mostly Anthony), and a cross section of news feeds that grace our household. More links may appear here for various reasons, or this menu will disappear depending on if more room is needed.

The link for the news feed allows you to subscribe to see new postings from this site within any news reader you may use on any browser or device.

Updates to the entire site have historically been biweekly (except for the past couple years). But Anthony is committed to maintaining the original biweekly schedule as best he can.

Contacting Us

Besides using the Facebook and LinkedIn links on the left you may send emails to:
Daddy at AmatoChronicles d-o-t n-e-t

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